South Link Communication is a fastest growing ICT based Company. The founder of this company is experienced in the different areas of ICT based business since 2010. We have planned to incorporate our knowledge for developing ICT sector to provide complete solution of corporate automation, Internet services, Access Control, CCTV solution, DVR, and the related peripherals. Our team members have an extensive experience in the Financial Industry, Manufacturing and Internet based application services. The strength of the South Link will provide you with a complete custom service, practical and simple solution.

South Link produces a comprehensive range of integrated systems designed for large apartment buildings with home automation and concierge stations as well as CCTV systems for airports, highways, jails, markets, department stores and etc.

Our Development and Solution philosophy is to adopt an innovative use of technology, and understand the optimal business use of the project we are developing or solving, which can reduce cost and risk and increase productivity. We bring talents, technologies and values in one platform and transform the potential of a group of dedicated professionals into the reality with a dream to introduce a quality service.

“Connect everything and Empower everyone”.

South Link was found on a simple but incredibly powerful vision for the future of the network: "Connect everything and Empower everyone.  We are dedicated to uncovering ideas and creating the innovations that will serve the exponential demands of the networked world. To do this, we’re leading the charge to architecting the network, built on simplicity, security, openness and scale.

South Link is operating and providing electronic protection solutions to throughout the country at this moment.

The Company has couple of expert technicians, those who are ready to involve with the task, and who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in CCTV. We specialize in CCTV, providing well-known and well-supported CCTV products and services such as Sony, Pelco, Panasonic, Ikegami and other brands from China, Korea and Taiwan to the marketplace.

We are able to provide service and support on a regular basis with our team members and they will provide many benefits to our clients and customers for better services.

At  South Link, we believe the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement the world has ever known. The great task of delivering a new network for the next decade is built on the creativity and commitment of our people.

To achieve it requires a committed practice that we call SouthLink Way.

Together, we can “Connect Everything and Empower Everyone”.